Nepali Chulo

CHULO (चुलो) is a Nepali word which translated in English simply means a stove or any other device used for cooking. NEPALI CHULO (नेपाली चुलो) , thus comes from the origins of authentic Nepali Food, embedded in Nepalese history and art of cooking where, we not only serve you food but an experience of tasting the true flavors of Nepal.

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Best Nepali Cusine

With a passion of bringing the authentic taste of Nepali food, our chefs are dedicated to make every dish we serve a memorable one. For those trying Nepali Cuisine for the first time, our dishes will surely give you a hint of the Nepali culture and for those who grew up savoring the Nepali food , it'll definitely bring back memories. Come treat yourself and enjoy the mouth watering delicacies of Nepal only at Nepali Chulo.

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